Snow From My Studio Window.jpg

Snow From My studio Window  oil on panel  14" x 11"

Kaddish 2   etching/aqutint   4" x 3.75"     $125.00

Purple Sky Two Lights Maine.jpg

Purple Sky Two Lights  oil on panel   14" x 11'  

Orange Seaside Lichens.jpg

Orange Seaside Lichens   oil on panel   14" x 11"     

Presumpscot River Autumn 1.jpg

Presumpscot River 2    oil on panel    8" x 10"     

Blue Branches on the River.jpg

Blue Branches on the River    oil on panel  16" x 12" 

A Grey Day in Maine.jpg

A Grey Day in Maine    oil on panel    24" x 20"   

Presumpscot River Autumn 3.jpg

For Viktor. Quilt Wall Hanging    2.5' x 4'

Presumpscot River Autumn #3     oil on mounted panel    8"x 10"   

Two Lights and Children Test Print.jpg

Children at Two Lights State Park   gouache/lino block print  18" x 18"

Fisherman 1.jpg

Fishing   lino print  limited edition/hand pulled    image size  24" x 18  paper  30" x 22"     

In Repose on Rice Paper.jpg

In Repose   limited edition/hand pulled linoleum block print   size 24" x 18  size 28" x 22"   

Coastal View.jpg

Coastel View.  oil on canvas   44" x 36"