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Oil Painting

Fishing at Two Lights   oil on canvas   38" x 41"

Deeering Oaks Park   oil on canvas  36" x 44"

Treading Water     oil on canvas    

Treading Water    oil on canvas  28" x 38"

Willard Beach  oil on canvas   30" x 40"

Man and Dog   oil on canvas   36" x 44"

Two Lights State Park  oil on canvas  20" x 16"

The Opening   oil on canvas  36"x 28"

Self Portrait with Glasses    oil on canvas  28"x 22"

Classic Title

Self Portrait with Earphones  oil on canvas   28" x 22"

The Weekend  oil on canvas   10"x 10"

At the Museum  oil on panel.  14" x 11"

Snowy Day in Maine   oil on panel  14" x 11"

Sunday Painters  oil on canvas  10" x 10"

Orange Rocks  oil on panel  14" x 11"

Classic Title

Purple Sky   oil on panel   14" x 11"

Jump   oil on canvas   44" x 36"

Testing the Water   oil on canvas   30" x 40"

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