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The Arborist With Yellow Stripe.jpg

The Arborist  with Yellow Stripe  etching   14" x 11"                 


Watching  soft ground/aquatint/drypoint     18" x 24" 


The Surrogate Family   soft ground etching/aquatint/drypoint on paper 18" x 24"  

At One with the Universe (72).jpg

At One With the Universe   line etching  8" x 8" 

Self Potrait With Glasses (300).jpg

Self Portrait With Glasses. etchingaquatint/drypoint on paper  18" x 12"

Happy Aniversary.jpg

Happy Anniversary  etching/aquatint/drypoint on paper 18" x 16"    

The Blue Blouse.jpg

The Blue Blouse  etching  10" x 8" 

Power Walking on Hankie.jpg
People Watching on Hankie.jpg

Power Walking  drypointt on antique hankie  11" x 11"

People Watching   drypoint on antique hankie 11" x 11"

The Conference framed.jpg
The Walker framed.jpg

The Walker  drypoint on antique hankie 11" x 11" 

The Conference  drypoint on antique hankie   11" x 11"

Four Eyes - Inrospection 2.jpg

SelfPortrait with Book.  Dry-point on Plexi Glass   18' x 12"

kaddish after {itts (300).jpg

Kaddish After Pittsburgh   etching/aquatint/drypoint     12" x 18"

Kaddish 2 (MacDowell).jpg
Kaddish 1 (MacDowell).jpg

Kaddish 1  etching/aquatint  4" x 3.5"                            Kaddish 2  etching/aquatint    4" x 3.5"

16 Women of a Certain Age..jpg

16 Women af a Certain Age  Drypoint on plexiglass   30" x 22"

The Mail Run Ferry  soft ground etching/sandpaper aquatint/dry point   8" x 18"



Head 6.JPG
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